Thomas Dybdahl

All These Things

All These Things is the eight studio-album by Norwegian artist Thomas Dybdahl. This album is the result of a special collaboration between Dybdahl, Grammy-winning producer Larry Klein (Joni Mitchell, Herbie Hancock, Tracy Chapman) and a stellar cast of musicians. All tracks were recorded over the course of just three days in the Sunset Sound Studio's in LA. The crisp production, super-tight playing and dreamy vocals make this an album of pure class and quality. To get an impression of what's to come, Thomas Dybdahl has already released two singles: 'Can I Have It All' and 'Look At What We've Done'. 

Thomas Dybdahl on working with Larry Klein:

'Larry and I had talked for a while about making an album again in a proper old school way. The best session musicians, the best live room, good songs and a super tight schedule so we would be pressed for time and have to trust our instincts without being able to redo too much. My previous album was more focused on the production itself and on the sonic aspect. This one was all about raw energy and being able to capture the spirit of what was happening between the musicians. I’m very proud of the record and can’t wait to show it to the world!'

The album features a stellar cast of musicians with a discography long enough to fill an encyclopaedia, as Larry brought in the absolute best to fit these 9 new songs. James Gadson (drums), Dean Parks (guitars), Patrick Warren (keys), Dan Lutz (bass), Brian MacLeod (drums) and David Baerwald (guitar) comprise the main band on the record.

'Not everyone has the privilege of going into the studio with legends like these and call it going to work. I had to pinch myself every now and then and tell myself to be in the moment and to enjoy'.

Dybdahl is a pop star in his home country and has released a string of radio hits and #1 albums there. He’s been referred to as “Norway’s answer to Nick Drake” (NME), praised by Elvis Costello, compared to Bon Iver by the NY Times and profiled by the LA Times. The NY Times has said that "each song has the delicate suspense of a drawn breath," and the Washington Post deemed him “one of the best singers of the last 10 years.” He’s received years of support from KCRW and his music was included in the ‘House of Lies’ television series soundtrack.