Marathon is a top sport. The surplus of energy that the Amsterdam trio accumulates during the week finds its way to the people in the audience from the stage. It bursts out and is well-received: their live reputation is growing rapidly. They've already played at Paradiso four times, packed Popronde shows, Welcome to the Village, Grauzone, and many more.

In a short period, saturated with stage experience, they earned a top-10 spot at Noorderslag. Both KINK and 3voor12 recognize the band as one of the talents of 2023. Marathon races on. V2 Benelux signed them for their debut EP (May 2023), a true milestone, a demonstration of skill, and a call for more.

The driven twenty-somethings from the capital city conjure up the reality of the still-young twenty-first century, hopping from crisis to crisis. It's a highly energetic defense against impending pessimism. Knee-deep in punk with their heads in dissonant clouds, Marathon captures urban anxiety. Lennart pounds his way to an escape, Kay spits out his discomfort in an attacking stance, and Nina elevates the whole thing with her six-string bass to higher realms. They make the unsettling bearable. Their explosive blend of shoegaze and post-punk grows richer by the day, especially live, where keyboardist Sofie and guitarist Victor will allow the complexity of the songs to shine even more.