Keep Dancing Inc

They’re barely in their twenties and, while their music is filled with references that date back to before some of them were even born, Louis, Joseph and Gabrielle already seem to have the poise and mastery of an indie band.

A few years after hitting the scene, Keep Dancing Inc’s suave yet serene course of action clearly demands admiration. They have toured extensively throughout Europe with Blossoms, played with Altin Gün, Palmbomen, PVA or Mykki Blanco racked up no fewer than 30 dates across the Channel, and have carved out a serious reputation as one of the best live bands around, similar to some of the most vivid groove-machines from back in the day.

After years learning the ropes, they begin the new decade more daunting than ever. Their first album release EMBRACE (2020) was a mere hint of what was to come, nothing compares to the assuredly confident ”A Taste of Possibility”. To bring this new album to life, the band recorded the ten tracks between Brittany Shores and Paris. They’ve been working on the mix with Nathan Boddy well known for his recording wizardry for the likes of James Blake, Nilüfer Yanya, Shame and Mura Masa to name a few.