Noah Vanden Abeele

If you ask Noah to describe his music, he would rather sit down at the piano and let the sound speak for itself. “One is able to tell an entire story just by playing a single note, if it is played with sincerity. You create a space and within that space, music is formed.” 
His first album titled 'Universe', released by Munich Records, a division of V2 Records Benelux, stems from that very same sincerity. Every composition is born out of love for improvisation and a long-standing passion for music. “I have been composing my own music since I was a child and it feels like I have been working towards this album ever since. This album was destined to happen.” 

Noah’s fascination for playing piano began at the age of 4 when he received a piano from his grandparents. He immediately began to search for colours and combinations to create his own little pieces of music. It was at that very moment that his love for improvisation emerged and it hasn’t left him since. At 8 years old he experienced his first piano lesson. “I enjoyed playing works of classical composer, playing this pieces also enhanced my piano technique . However, besides that I also kept improvising. During my voyage into music I listened to a wide variety of genres; ranging from techno and hard rock to jazz and classical.” 

At the moment, Noah would describe his style of music as minimalism or contemporary classical. “Up until now, the piano has formed the basis for my compositions. The string instruments sometimes provide a touch of colour or support the story but piano continues to assume the leading role. In addition, virtually all of my pieces were created at the piano as improvisations, only to be elaborated upon afterwards.  It’s a very intuitive process, I need freedom in order to be able to create music.” 

Noah explains that the concept of the EP 'Expansion', is that "I intend to explore new horizons in the future, I like the combination of piano and strings. That is why this EP was also written for this occupation. I often take the opportunity to make a piece for piano solo, because I think this has something pure, something sober that I like. But while I make the music I often hear something else and I cannot resist adding strings. The pieces of the EP are in the same line as my debut album. They take the listener along in a kind of inner journey. These are 3 pieces that could have been on my debut album as well. This EP also gives me the feeling that my debut album is now completely finished. I take them into my live shows, they complete the story I want to tell the listeners." 


La Brume: 

What particularly appeals to me in this piece is that it is both moving and immobile at the same time. It reminds me of someone who walks on the same pace, slowly but steadily, with or against the current. 


Moving on: 

The title speaks for itself: this piece keepsakes. The rehearsal of the beginning of the end. Almost with a hypnotic result. 

Moving stars: 


This piece has a light, moveable theme of the piano and is interchanged with passages where string instruments and the piano combine to form a whole. A moving ensemble that can be compared to the movments of the galaxy.