Jon Allen

The songwriter with a whisky-soaked voice already has 5 studio albums under his belt. His 6th album is set to release on August 25th, 2023 via V2 Records. Jon Allen was discovered by the legendary guitarist Mark Knopfler who heard him sing at a party in West London.

Allen then toured with the guitar icon, supporting him at Wembley Arena and throughout the European leg of the 'All The Road Runners' tour alongside Emmy Lou Harris. Mark Knopfler later played guitar and sang on his song 'Sarah', which appeared on Jon Allen's debut album titled 'Dead Man's Suit'. 

"The last couple of years have felt like a stressful situation that kept getting worse. The global pandemic caused more anxiety and paranoia, especially in busy cities. People realized they needed more space and a need for silence and nature to escape the bustle of the city. The music on the album was inspired by different events and people, from Will Smith to missing persons. It raises questions about how close we are to our limit and how we will react when we are stressed. But the music also has positive moments that make us realize what we have and what really matters in life," Jon Allen says.

 The album was recorded in a converted garage in North London with the help of talented musicians, the Skinner Brothers. The music reflects the feelings of anxiety and longing for connection during the pandemic. But the goal of the music is to touch people, whether it's joy or sadness, and perhaps help them understand things better in their own lives. 

In the past ten years, Jon has supported artists such as Damien Rice, Brian May, Seal, and Dionne Warwick at the Albert Hall. His songs and distinctive voice can be heard in films and on TV, both in the Netherlands and in America. In the UK, he appeared on the iconic TV show 'Later With Jools Holland' and was part of the BBC coverage of Glastonbury. When Jon is not working on his own material, he also writes for other artists such as Petula and record producer Guy Chambers. 'A Heightened Sense Of Everything' will be released on August 25th.