V2 Records Benelux was founded by Richard Branson in 1997 as part of the V2 International group with affiliates in the USA, UK, Scandinavia, Germany, France, Italy and Benelux. In February 2007 the current director of V2 Benelux, Tom Willinck, rounded off a successful management buy out together with our current distributor, Bertus Distribution.

V2 Benelux has offices in The Netherlands (Hilversum), Belgium (Brussels), France (Paris) & Germany (Hamburg) and provides all key functions in-house in these countries (marketing, radio/tv and press promotion, production, sales and accounting).


  • Caroline Shadday
    Promotion & Streaming Manager France
  • Jonas Pfütze
    Press Promoter GSA
  • Tom Willinck
  • An Lesneuck
    General Manager Belgium
  • Casper Janse
    Financial Controller & Royalty Manager
  • Max Beekman
    Head of Marketing & Promotion
  • Sem Janssen
    Head of Digital & Data Insights
  • Elise Platteau
    Promotion Manager BE
  • Marcus Offermanns
    Press Promoter GSA
  • Jonas De Pooter
    Label Manager BE
  • Rens van Heijst
    Radio & TV Promoter
  • Thijs Van Dongen
    Project manager
  • Mick Verweij
    Project Manager
  • Nabila Harbaoui
    Project Manager
  • Peter Schoor
    Label Manager
  • David Heijnen
    Label Manager NL
  • Nina Ozinga
    Press & Content Promoter
  • Stefan Hayes
    Press Promoter
  • Arlen Uiterwijk
    Royalty Manager
  • Joost Wijnen
    Streaming Coördinator