The Vices

The Vices bring a contrasting mix of britpop and surf rock. Imagine Cage The Elephant and The Strokes having a love-child who happens to possess a live-energy that reminds one of the early Chili Peppers. Those are some big names, but above all The Vices always stay true to themselves. With child-like fun and relentless ambition they can easily play tight and explosive or playful and danceable. This all resulted in their club tours selling out and Nothing But Thieves taking The Vices along as their support act to the big stages of Europe. The hype wont stop and is now spreading to the USA, where the band did their first ever 26 show headline tour in 2024. 

The Vices are four young men with a special friendship. They're all wildly different from one another, but that’s exactly their strength. Different backgrounds can clash, but in The Vices' case they provide a source of inspiration and motivation. Being in a band together is an adventure, especially in The Vices' case where exciting live performances and big opportunities follow each other in rapid succession. And all of this is self-enforced with the energy to work hard and the will to challenge oneself, and all based on a deep friendship where everything that happens is processed through making music.

This work ethic has brought The Vices to wherever they want to go. Dutch national radio station 3FM named the band 3FM Talent, after the band had successfully supported Yungblud for their first ever shows. They were also invited to be the house band on TV show M (NPO1) in late 2021. The band appeared 18 times and here the American singer Gregory Porter complimented The Vices for playing the best cover of his hit song Liquid Spirit he had ever heard. Debut album Looking For Faces even charted at #1 on the Dutch Vinyl Chart and their music is streamed millions of times on Spotify. The band played festivals such as Best Kept Secret, Sziget and Zwarte Cross, they played massive arenas like the Ziggo Dome, where the band played four times in 2022, but they also toured across Europe with Nothing But Thieves or with their own smaller headline shows, where they didn't stop until the last visitor became a fan. Furthermore Rockpalast broadcasted their show at ESNS 2023 on WDR.

Despite all this success, they also take the freedom to experiment on some special projects. For example, performing their debut album on a boat while the tide went in, as well as organizing their own festival: ViceFest. After winning the Pop Stipendium prize to the tune of 10,000 euros, the band were able to start expanding the festival internationally. Alongside the big one in hometown Groningen, ViceFest will also take place in London, Antwerp, Budapest and Berlin.

In 2024 the band will start releasing new music which is produced by legendary Alt-J and David Guilmor producer Charlie Andrew.

What else will the future bring for The Vices? No one knows. Not that there aren’t ambitions. Moreover, the stream of ideas and determination these guys have is so endless that you don't dare predict what could happen next. One thing is for sure. It’s about the love for each other and the love for music. Experiencing that together with the people in front of you. Feeling something, together. Big rooms, small rooms, moshing or dancing - it doesn't matter. The Vices will blow you off your socks with a huge smile!