Ruben Hein

For his latest project, Ruben Hein reconciles his two greatest loves: music and nature. In early 2020, just before the pandemic breaks out, Ruben finds himself on a boat in the South Pole, surrounded by endless seascapes, penguin colonies, whales, and abandoned settlements. During this Artist In Residency, he captures the initial ideas for his new project.

During the creative process of his previous album 'Groundwork Rising,' Ruben rediscovered his other original love: nature – especially the birds he used to admire with his mother, with binoculars within reach. "For a long time, I wondered why I actually enjoy it so much. It taps into my deepest feelings in a certain way. I get the same energy from music as when I watch birds with my binoculars. When I'm on stage or when I'm writing a song, I feel like I've found something. The 'eureka' feeling."

Simultaneously, Ruben wondered if there could be a way to combine these two deeply cherished interests. In 2020, he embarked on an expedition to the South Pole aboard the sea vessel, the Hondius. The experiences of this special Artist In Residency were intrinsically woven into Ruben's new music. His new single 'Guard Down' sprouted from that euphoric, emotionally charged time at the end of the world. Ruben's wonder was accompanied by a realization: as overwhelming as nature may be, it is also a fragile life cycle that can easily be disrupted with disastrous consequences.

'Guard Down' captures the aftermath of the great adventure in Antarctica: a mesmerizing song that advocates for more awareness of one's immediate surroundings and how an awareness of the elements can offer so much enrichment in daily life. 'Guard Down' has the character of a specific route in its arrangement: an exploratory journey without a fixed destination. "Music can overwhelm you to the point where it happens to you. A journey from A to B... and sometimes you encounter a song along the way. I notice the same energy shift in myself when I'm in nature. It goes hand in hand."

During the recording process, Ruben embraces the comfort and wonder of always being on the move, the constant intuitive movement. Instead of carving out a specific framework and theme, he follows the impulse that naturally wells up in the presence of producer Ferdy van der Singel and studio companions Wessel Herbschleb, Julian du Perron, and Nicky Hustinx. In this collection of songs, Ruben's versatility and raw talent as an artist come to the forefront more than ever: a complete surrender to the rush of ideas and directions. The excitement and fear, the distance and closeness. Ruben Hein lets his curiosity for life take the helm.

About Ruben Hein

Ruben Hein is a celebrated pop musician, composer, presenter, and orchestra conductor. He has served as a conductor for the National Youth Orchestra and has four studio albums to his name: "Loose Fit" (2010), "Hopscotch" (2013), "Dressed Up" (2014), and "Groundwork Rising" (2018). In 2011, he released a live album with the Metropole Orkest, along with an EP titled "The Overtone Sessions." He was also a member of the well-known British indie band Fink for a while. In 2012, Ruben won the Radio 6 Soul & Jazz Award, and the following year, he received the Edison Audience Award for "Hopscotch."

To the general public, Ruben is particularly known for his participation in the TV program "Wie Is De Mol?" (Who Is The Mole?) and "Linda's Zomerweken" (Linda's Summer Weeks). Ruben composed the soundtrack for the three-part documentary series "Op De Vlucht" (On The Run), which tells the story of his family during World War II. Ruben's upcoming music project is inspired by an expedition to Antarctica, and there is also a documentary in the works about this artistic chapter, directed by Hubert Neufeld.