Tirzah's highly anticipated album 'trip9love...???' now available on vinyl and CD

Following its digital release a few months ago, Tirzah's highly anticipated album 'trip9love...???' is finally available in physical form today. Produced by long-time collaborator Mica Levi, this third album showcases Tirzah's unique sound and musical vision.

Written and recorded in the comfort of their own homes and various locations in South East London and Kent, the album captures a distinct atmosphere and vibe. After numerous recording sessions over the course of a year, Tirzah and Mica Levi found a sound that resonated with them - a fusion of piano loops, layered beats and dreamy vocal melodies. The lyrics explore themes of love, both real and imagined, creating a world that immerses the listener in a fantastical club atmosphere.

The cohesive nature of the instrumentals gives 'trip9love...???' a unified feeling, almost like one continuous song - a musical diary entry or a deep fascination with a particular sound that the artists felt compelled to explore. The release of the album reflects the organic and intuitive process by which it was created.

Experience the captivating sounds of Tirzah's 'trip9love...??', now available on gold-coloured vinyl, standard vinyl and CD, and immerse yourself in a world of heartfelt melodies and introspective lyrics.

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