Thomas Oliver deelt nieuwe kleurrijke video 'You Shine On Me'

'You Shine On Me' is een vrolijk soulvol popliedje en is een metafoor voor de liefde.

Het nummer is afkomstig van het album 'The Brightest Light', het nieuwste album van de Nieuw-Zeelandse singer-songwriter dat op 6 maart verscheen. 

'You Shine On Me' is een vrolijke metafoor voor de liefde. Dit is absoluut terug te zien in de positieve en kleurrijke video die vandaag is uitgebracht.

Thoma legt uit: "The song's a metaphor of the warm glow of love in an otherwise gloomy Berlin day. 'You Shine On Me' is based on a time in which Bella Florence (dear friend, ex-girlfriend, and backing vocalist in my live band) lit up my life in Berlin. She just shone brighter than everything and everyone around her.” 

Thomas vertelde dit over het maken van de video:

“The concept for the 'You Shine On Me' music video was devised by Mitch Lowe (manager), inspired by the song's references to colour and light and its vibrant energy. The pre-production basically involved Mitch and me scanning the city of Wellington for anything that fell into the category of the three primary colours; red, yellow and blue. We bought shoes, shirts, hats, sunglasses, musical instruments, juggling balls, fruit, novelty hands, balloons, and a fire extinguisher, and we employed our friend and world-renowned instrument maker, Tony Francis, to create a few custom pieces, like a big yellow sun, a yellow sketch book and a yellow table-and-chairs. We also drove around borrowing red, yellow and blue instruments from our friends!” 

Luister hier naar 'The Brightest Light'

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