The Damned are back: and release their twelfth studio album 'DARKADELIC'

46 years after releasing the groundbreaking debut, ‘Damned Damned Damned’, The Damned return with ‘DARKADELIC’, their twelfth studio album and their first one since 2018’s Top Ten release ‘Evil Spirits’. 

Following their formation in 1976, The Damned is one of the most prestigious bands coming out of the 70s British punk-rock scene. With 10 studio albums and several UK chart singles, the band are pioneers who emerged from the London punk scene, earning an ever-expanding fan base fueled by legendary live shows. Their dark lyrics and Dave Vanian's rich baritone vocals also catapulted The Damned to the forefront of the Goth-Rock Genre. The band is constantly evolving their sound, they do not stick to one genre for too long but manage to keep their essence at the same time. 
‘DARKADELIC’ catches the band that launched punk and invented goth once again innovating and expanding upon their unique universe. The lead single and video for ‘The Invisible Man’ is a showcase for Captain Sensible’s riffadelic guitarwork and David Vanian’s snarling baritone vocals.  
‘DARKADELIC’ barrels along from there and features some of The Damned’s sharpest songwriting and genre-bending performances reaching peaks with past singles ‘You’re Gonna Realise’ and ‘Beware of the Clowns’ drenched in classic horror movie references, nods to swinging 60’s London, and a refined palette of musical influences. The Damned indeed paints the world DARKADELIC.
Listen to The Damned's 'DARKADELIC' Here.

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