Stornoway is back with new EP, Dig The Mountain!

Oxford Indie folk band Stornoway is back with new music after an eight-year hiatus. Dig The Mountain! is packed with the Stornoway allurement that we all know and love.

During their original run, Stornoway achieved immense critical acclaim, fan adoration and two Top 20 albums. In 2016 they announced they were ending on a high, with their 2015 album Bonxie being "their best album yet" according to The Guardian. Vocalist/guitarist Brian Briggs and bandmates Jon Ouin (keyboard) and Oli Steadman (bass) stayed in touch, and over the following years, they reconnected with the love of creating music that had first inspired them to start a band. 

Stornoway's new music is packed with stirring collaborations. Sam Lee features on the undulating, woodsy folk-funk of 'The Navigator' and Musician Yijia Tu provides awe-inspiring vocals to Stornoway's rootsy take on Björk's 'It's Not Up To You'.


  1. Dig The Mountain!
  2. The Navigator
  3. It's Not Up To You
  4. Bag In The Wind
  5. Trouble With The Green

Listen to the new EP here.

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