Skeewiff's latest EP: A fusion of jazz, funk and soul on 'The Cat'

Skeewiff, the British electronic music duo renowned for their innovative take on timeless classics, continues to captivate audiences with their latest EP, a reimagining of 'The Cat', out now via Jalapeno Records/V2 Records.

With a deep appreciation for musical pioneers, Skeewiff's rendition pays homage to Blue Note's legendary Jimmy Smith, celebrated for his influential work on the Hammond B3 organ. By breathing new life into this jazz masterpiece, Skeewiff seamlessly bridges the worlds of jazz and 1960s soul music, offering a fresh perspective on the iconic track that inspired generations of organ players and contributed to the evolution of modern jazz, funk, and soul music.

Skeewiff's ability to infuse modernity into timeless classics has solidified their reputation as a musical force to be reckoned with. Their distinctive approach to reviving classic tunes keeps listeners eagerly anticipating each new release, showcasing their reverence for music's rich history and their dedication to pushing its boundaries in creative and innovative ways.

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