Shed Seven, the enduring champions of Britpop, have released their latest sonic opus, 'A Matter Of Time'

With a career spanning over three decades, Shed Seven have transitioned from outsiders to a dominant force in the live music scene. Their timeless hits such as 'Chasing Rainbows' and 'Going For Gold' have solidified their status as a musical force that resonates across generations.

Following their triumphant return in 2017 with 'Instant Pleasures', which soared to number 8 in the UK charts, the band has reemerged with 'A Matter Of Time'. The album continues their winning streak and features guest artists including Peter Doherty, Rowetta, and Laura McClure.

Born out of a creative explosion during the lockdown, 'A Matter Of Time' reflects the renewed inspiration of the remaining trio - Rick Witter, Paul Banks, and Tom Gladwin. The album boasts a diverse range of tracks, from the energizing influence of the Pixies in 'Let's Go!' to the nostalgic vibes reminiscent of the Stone Roses in 'Kissing California'.

The addition of new members Robert "Maxi" Maxfield and Tim Wills brings a fresh dynamic to the band and further solidifies their commitment to authenticity. Working with renowned producer Youth at Space Mountain Studios in Spain, Shed Seven have crafted a collection of songs that are both introspective and exhilarating.

Themes of ornithology, the fleeting nature of time, and personal reflection intertwine throughout the album, creating a tapestry of emotions. Tracks such as 'Ring The Changes' and 'Starlings' perfectly showcase the band's ability to blend nostalgia with a contemporary sound.

In a fitting finale, the album concludes with the sublime 'Throwaways', featuring Peter Doherty, a powerful anthem for those who defy conventional norms. Shed Seven's unwavering dedication to their craft is evident in every note, proving that their journey is far from over.


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