Scott Quinn releases 'Love Is A Liar'

There are certain things you listen out for in a truly good pop song. Catchy hooks, driving beats, insatiable melodies. Listen in between the lines of a song by Scott Quinn, and you’ll hear the crackle of fractured hearts, the hum of first loves and the tension between reason and emotion. Yes. Scott Quinn is au fait with love and heartbreak. Better yet, he offers his listeners a way to tap into it, whether those big feelings are tinged with sadness or coloured with joy. 
Quinn’s music speaks to the true romance of love. But he also writes about the deepest parts of friendship, the way it unfolds wonderfully, intensely and unexpectedly. And his latest body of work, the new EP Love Is A Liar, examines that dynamic: how love can blind you in good and bad ways. Following the all-too-relatable narrative of losing love, regret and not knowing when to let go, these songs also speak to the necessary truth that your own mental health is not something to lose sight of whilst in the trenches of heartbreak or grief. 

The EP can be listened to here.

This record serves as a sequel to Quinn’s successful EP debut, Better For Me, which has accumulated over 20M streams and saw an outburst of like-minded listeners reveal their own intimate moments that these songs had helped illuminate across social media. It was a record that explored the lessons learnt after having gone through the dark valleys of our minds. And learning to love again in more mature, aware and healthy ways.   
Born in Yorkshire, the now London-based, singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist writes empathic pop that encourages listeners to dig deep into their feelings. Traveling between LA, London, Copenhagen and Seoul, Scott has lent his songwriting talents to the likes of BTS, Zara Larsson, Keith Urban, NCT-Dream, Mark Owen and many more to come. He’s toured Europe twice, supported bands like Aquilo and played numerous festivals including Leeds & Reading.

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