San Cisco release new studio album 'Under the Light'

Australian indie royalty San Cisco have released their highly anticipated album, Under The Light. The album strikes a delicate balance between euphoria and melancholy, seeing the trio enter a new phase of maturity, vulnerability and experimentation both musically and lyrically.

Under The Light is the sound of a beloved bastion of indie-pop emerging, growing, and contorting as San Cisco explores new collaborations, instrumentation, and songwriting techniques. Thematically, the album title could just as well be referring to the endless blue of a West Australian summer as a dentist's chair or interrogation room, as we see the band more emotionally exposed than ever before. Face-to-face with the cruelty of changing world, San Cisco searches for meaning, stares down the moral ambiguities of adulthood and relationships, and sings a sun-speckled song to human kindness.

Listen to 'Under the Light' HERE

Spending the majority of 2023 deep in studio sessions split between LA and Fremantle, Under The Light is a collaborative work with producer James Ireland (Pond, Cuco) and mixed by Grammy award winning engineer Neal H. Pogue (Steve Lacy, Tyler The Creator, Outkast) and Anthony Dolhai (Mø, Carly Rae Jepsen, Kesha), and features collaborations with Tame Impala & POND members Jay Watson and Nicholas Allbrook.
“Collaborating with our close friend and producer, James Ireland, was an exciting and fresh journey that allowed us to fully actualise our musical aspirations. The album was predominantly written and recorded in our studio, kitchens, and living rooms at home in Fremantle” the band explain.“This unique experience was unlike anything we've undertaken before, and we couldn't be prouder of this body of work.”

“There’s no shortage of melodic hooks, but they’re underpinned by an inviting sense ofpatience.” – Rolling Stone

“Under The Light” Tracklist:

1. Lost Without You
2. High
3. Under The Light
4. One Percent
5. Summer Days
6. Honeycomb
7. Find Yourself Here Again
8. Horoscope
9. Family Trust
10. Consequence
11. Into My Hear

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