Revisiting 'Kids': The Folk Implosion's Musical Comeback Is Here

John Davis and Lou Barlow made various tracks for the 1995 cult classic film 'Kids'. They split after a 1999 LP, but reunited during the pandemic, and made plans to release more music. The Folk Implosion is back and better than before.

Three decades following the film's initial release, The Folk Implosion's legendary film soundtrack is making a triumphant return under the title Music For KIDS. The album contains previously unreleased compositions, including a fresh take on Natural One; the surprise Top 40 hit single from the original film score.

“We did a lot of jamming in the studio… ‘Natural One’ started out as a jam,” says Barlow. Despite not actually appearing in the film, the bittersweet dissonance of Natural One clearly became the defining sound of the Kids' soundtrack – even peaking at #29 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Featuring an expansive 18-track selection, this reissue offers profound insights into a film that epitomized the mid-'90s New York City street culture zeitgeist. It vividly illustrates how Barlow and Davis fearlessly embarked on an experimental journey, crafting music with unbridled passion. 


  1. Natural One
  2. Nothing Gonna Stop
  3. Wet Stuff
  4. Jenny's Theme
  5. Crash
  6. Daddy Never Understood
  7. Simean Groove
  8. Nasa Theme
  9. Cabride
  10. Raise The Bells
  11. Insinuation
  12. Burning Paper
  13. Checking In
  14. Wide Web
  15. Park Dub
  16. Natural One (UNKLE Remix)
  17. Nothing Gonna Stop (Instrumental)
  18. Insinuation (Dust Brothers Remix

Listen to the full album here.

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