Re-imaging Christmas classics: Discover Tarja's 'Dark Christmas'

Following the on-going success of Tarja’s 2017 album 'From Spirits and Ghosts (Score for a Dark Christmas)', Tarja has reworked multiple classic Christmas hits and carols with a sinister and mysterious overtone, being accompanied by a children’s choir. The album will feature no less than Wham’s 'Last Christmas', Mariah Carey’s 'All I Want For Christmas Is You' and classics such as 'Jingle Bells', 'Frosty The Snowman' and 'Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer'.

Finnish solo artist Tarja is one of the most versatile and passionate musicians originating from, but not limited to, the heavy music scene: after parting ways with Nightwish, Tarja has built a formidable catalogue and a legion of loyal and energetic fans over the past 15 years.

With six rock albums, sold-out classical concerts across Europe and a wide variety of side projects ranging from classical music to electronica, Tarja’s music crosses boundaries, and genres and develops something new.

Adored by many fans as their “Goddess”, the Finnish Soprano has the skill to carry her fans away just by her presence - probably more than any other female artist in this genre. When classic meets rock and heavy metal, it inevitably leads to Tarja.

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