PRETTY YOUNG releases a 'Summer Nights' anthem

'Summer Nights' encapsulates the feeling of a good old night out with friends

Life can be random sometimes… so many things hit us totally out of the blue. When you’re walking down the street, and suddenly you meet the love of your life. Or what about these crazy summer nights? Where you just went out for one drink with some friends, but than it turned out to be one of the best nights ever. Simply, because you asked someone for a lighter, you find yourself watching the most amazing sunset from a hidden spot in the hills with your new friends. 

'Summer Nights', the new track of PRETTY YOUNG and Juliander, encapsulates the feeling of a good old night out with friends; a random night, which turns out to be one of the best nights ever. It’s the perfect song for these moments; when you’re in your apartment alone, everything smells like cologne, and all your clothes are on the floor while you try to pick the perfect outfit for the perfect night out. 

The song was heavily inspired by retro disco music, yet with a modern touch. During the creative process, PRETTY YOUNG was listening to a lot of disco and was fascinated by the creativity behind the chord progressions and basslines. As he describes: “Disco tends to have moving basslines, that almost create melodies. That’s quite unusual in modern pop music. Everything right now is just a flat straight copy of the chords lowest note”. 'Summer Nights' is the perfect mix of vintage synths, drum elements, heavy bases, and an old dusty ambience that are combined with clean and modern vocals. 

The melody was written, and the song was produced in just two hours. The verses, at first, were only gibberish. To help them, they asked Juliander (known for his previous success with 'All Falls Down' featuring Alan Walker and Noah Cyrus) to help write the lyrics. PRETTY YOUNG and Juliander rewrote the verses together, and 'Summer Nights' was born. 

“I remember the first time I heard the demo for 'Summer Nights'; I was hooked from the start." Juliander continued, "I just knew that I wanted to be a part of it because I resonated with the sound of the analog vintage synthsand drums, which is also a prominent part of my music. I was excited to participate in the finishing touches and record my vocals on it. Excited to finally release it and share it with everyone”. 

PRETTY YOUNG, is the pseudonym for Swedish producer and songwriter William Ek. Having tried many different styles and sounds throughout the years, he finally found the right sound. And in 2019, PRETTY YOUNG was born.  

In 2021, PRETTY YOUNG released mutiple exclusive remixes, including; 'drunk text me' by Lexi Jayde, 'Echo' by Alexander Stewart and the official remix of Tik-Tok viral hit: ‘Infinity’ by Jaymes Young. The remix immediately skyrocketed, achieving 100K daily streams on Spotify alone. It peaked at #6 on the Global Shazam Electronic charts, #179 in the worldwide airplay charts, and reached #5 on Top 20 airplay charts in Poland. It also received instant playlisting on radio stations such as The Voice (Denmark), Radio Kiss (Norway) and was the “POWERPLAY” song on POWER Hit Radio Sweden. His name is also becoming more and more noticeable in the Netherlands, for example, his single 'Cool Kids' became MixMarathon 'Track of The Week' at SLAM! radio. 

Setting up for a new chapter in 2022, PRETTY YOUNG went back to the studio to fully focus on writing his own originals. He teamed up with Juliander and Isak Hallén. The result: a four song EP called ‘Out Of The Blue’, due September 30th. An EP with a fresh Scandinavian pop sound, yet with the PRETTY YOUNG signature.

Juliander is a Swedish artist, songwriter, and producer. With strong and emotional vocals, personal lyrics, and beautiful melodies, he tells a story and creates a sound that immerses you in his universe. A universe accompanied by analog vintage synths, powerful drums, and organic instruments to create an atmospheric and melancholic world. 

In 2017, he released his debut single 'Same Moon' and straight after, he opened for Zara Larsson on her European tour. In the same period, the DJ and producer Alan Walker released 'All Falls Down' with Juliander and Noah Cyrus as a feature. 

From then, his career really took off, achieving 35+ million streams on just his debut EP 'Afterglow' and performing at some of the world’s renowned music festivals, such as Coachella, Summerburst and Sunburn.

Listen to 'Summer Nights' here 

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