Myrath release their new album 'Karma'

The Tunesian band Myrath releases 'Karma', an album filled with messages of hope, love and perspective.

As the sands of time continued to shape their journey, Myrath’s relentless dedication led
to the creation of their highly anticipated album “Karma,” slated for release on March
8th, 2024 on earMUSIC as limited transparent red LP, black LP and Digipak. The
forthcoming opus promises to be a testament to their evolution, delivering a sonic
tapestry woven from passion and innovation.

With "Karma", Myrath solidify their place at the top of the metal scene with a powerful
and captivating blend of Eastern melodies and Western heavy metal. From the epic
opening track "To The Stars" to the hauntingly beautiful "Child Of Prophecy", this album
will take you on a theatrical journey through a world of myth and legend.

Listen to 'Karma' now

"There are too many great songs on this album to pick favourites." – 9/10, Powerplay (UK)

'Karma' tracklist
1. To The Stars
2. Into The Light
3. Candles Cry
4. Let It Go
5. Words Are Failing
6. The Wheel Of Time
7. Temple Walls
8. Child Of Prophecy
9. The Empire
10. Heroes
11. Carry On

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