Matt Perriment returns with new single 'Don't Fade Away'

Matt Perriment is back with a brand new single, ‘Don't Fade Away.’ The song is a reminder to never lose your energy and desire to flourish in life, even when faced with hardships.

Known for mesmerizing crowds across Europe and beyond, Matt Perriment’s bold and genuine indie anthem folk music strikes a wonderful balance of passionate storytelling and energetic musical composition. His live performances show an honest, lively and cinematic production which leaves listeners engaged and longing for more.

On the back of two critically acclaimed EP releases, sold out London and Netherlands headline shows, Matt Perriment returns with his brand-new single ‘Don’t Fade Away’. “Don’t Fade Away is a song about someone very close to you slowly fading away,” Matt shares. “Both in distance and personality. It’s a reminder that despite all your struggles, people are born with an energy and desire to flourish in life, and it’s important not to lose that with age or hardship.”

Listen to Matt Perriment's 'Don't Fade Away' HERE.

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