Manu Delago releases 'Snow From Yesterday'

Manu Delago will release his new album ‘Snow From Yesterday’ on February 2nd through One Little Independent Records. The Austrian composer, innovator, Grammy nominee and acclaimed percussionist has teamed up with vocal ensemble Mad About Lemon to craft a profound and distinct new concept piece.

Like the water that runs like a current through ‘Snow From Yesterday’, the album is fluid, versatile, and powerful. Represented in all its forms, from glacial mountains, to rivers, and even the smallest drop into watercolour, the album is about journeys and the stages of life that may change you, but also links you to others, in other times and other places. A flowing, tangible energy connects each track to its subject matter, and each track to one another. What’s important on ‘Snow From Yesterday’ is how the highs are grounded in very real, personal moments. It can at once tackle mammoth climate issues, while conveying moments of incredible intimacy.

 Manu has become a leading name in his field, touring with the likes of Björk, most recently on her celebrated Cornucopia tour. His trademark handpan virtuosity is the rhythmic lifeforce of ‘Snow From Yesterday’, creating majestic, emotive sounds, often with a tender delicacy, for Mad About Lemon’s folksy harmonies to pour over.

We come full circle on LP closer and title track, based on the phrase “water under the bridge”, translated to German is “Schnee von gestern”, which literally means ‘Snow From Yesterday’. “I kind of liked that, because it’s the same as snow from yesterday is now literally water. I really like how these two languages stay different but actually, it ends up almost being the same because a lot of the water we have on the planet used to be snow at some point, whether it’s yesterday, 100 years ago or 10,000 years ago.”

Manu Delago uses his signature percussive skills, rotating band of multi-instrumentalists as well as electronic manipulation to create dynamic, high-concept explorations which harnesses the best of his adventurous spirit and unique vision. He has regularly collaborated with various artists such as Björk, Anoushka Shankar, The Cinematic Orchestra and Olafur Arnalds, has appeared as a soloist with the London Symphony Orchestra and more. He’s performed in prestigious venues in more than 50 countries around the world.

Over the last few years he’s established his ‘ReCycling Tour’, hitting the road by bike in the name of sustainability. All the musical instruments and equipment for the live performances were transported in specially built bicycle trailers. In addition to that, accumulators for electronics as well as light equipment could be charged on tour using solar panels. Throughout the ‘ReCycling Tour’ crew ensured that sustainable products and materials were being used. And they cooperated with small businesses and local producers when it came to accommodation and catering.

 Mad About Lemon are a trio consisting of the three Tyrolean singers Heidi Erler, Mimi Schmid and Anna Widauer. The ensemble, founded in 2020, experiments with the euphony of the three-part choral settings, improvisations and performance elements, always focusing on the musical aesthetics and the emotional message of the songs.

 ‘Snow From Yesterday’ travels far, across endless oceanic expanses, and thousands of years, telling stories that aim to help the listener to see themselves as part of a larger body. After all, all rivers lead to the sea.

 Listen to the full album here.

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