Legendary hard rock band EXTREME unveils new video along with album anouncement

Multi-platinum hard rock heroes EXTREME have unveiled a brand-new music video for their new song ‘RISE’, which marks the first single from their upcoming album ‘SIX’, out June 9th via earMUSIC.

“Musically, it’s aggressive,” says the band’s vocalist Gary Cherone about album opener ‘RISE’. “Lyrically, it’s a cautionary tale on the rise and fall of fame. You get seduced into it. Once you’re on top, they’ll rip you apart and tear you down. That’s the nature of the beast.”

With the force of a wrecking ball, EXTREME swings between unapologetic fits of fret-burning hard rock and intimately introspective balladry on the 12-track album ‘SIX’. For the recording of the Nuno Bettencourt (EXTREME’s guitarist) produced album, the members buckled down at his home studio in Los Angeles. Once again, they channeled the electrifying eclecticism that defined their seminal output with a 21st century twist. Nuno’s guitar playing is as sharp as ever. “When Eddie Van Halen passed, it really hit me,” Nuno shares. “I’m not going to be the one who will take the throne, but I felt some responsibility to keep guitar playing alive. So, you hear a lot of fire on the record.”

‘SIX’ affirms the iconic Boston quartet as one of rock’s most unpredictable, undeniable, and unbreakable groups whose songs course through the very fabric of popular culture. They’ve sold 10 million records, topped the Billboard Hot 100 at number 1, packed major venues on multiple continents, memorably performed at the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert in London, and regularly average over 5 million monthly listeners on Spotify. However, their dynamic approach hits harder than ever on their 2023 full-length offering, ‘SIX’.

“With EXTREME, there’s always a lot of passion and a little piss and vinegar,” Gary Cherone adds. “We’re not in competition with anybody else, but we strive to outdo ourselves. There are some moments on this album where we did. We’ve managed to stay together after all these years. We feel like we have something to prove when we get on stage or in the studio. Because of that, I believe some of these songs are among the best we’ve written.”

“Whatever you think an EXTREME album is after two or even three songs, it’s not,” Nuno states. “That goes for every record we’ve ever done. True EXTREME fans know to ‘expect the unexpected.’ I feel like we need a good old school rock album. ‘SIX’ is definitely modern, but you can put on headphones and go on a journey from top-to-bottom. It’s like ‘EXTREME 2.0’.”

Get a taste of ‘EXTREME 2.0’ on their new single ‘RISE’ HERE. The single marks the very first preview of EXTREME’s new album ‘SIX’ coming out on the 9th of June. Pre-save HERE.

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