KIND HUMAN debuts first single 'DON'T'

DON'T is a part of her debute ep ‘What starts in chaos, ends in chaos’ which will be released in March 2023.

DON’T is about breaking the circle of a long toxic relationship, finally discovering your self-worth, and just really being done. Choosing yourself, taken over by the raw emotion: Anger.  

Enough is enough. 


KIND HUMAN wrote this song in the middle of a covid lockdown in 2022. When she was mentally in a dark place. She took some time to recharge in her hometown near the ocean. This song is written in her old room where she grew up in. Mentally exhausted and taken over by anger she wrote and recorded the core of this song (lyrics and melody) in ten minutes. 

This is the exact vocal take that’s used for the final track, “the emotion and anger in my voice couldn’t be reproduced, it had to be this take for sure’ 

This song was a breaking point for KIND HUMAN, the first step in finding back her self-worth and has a lot of emotional, personal meaning.

DON'T is available here.

As an ocean child nature is in her blood. KIND HUMAN brings humans back to the essence of humankind through her art. Being in her 20’s, Kind Human writes about her struggle of self-discovery , finding balance, Toxic relations, depression, questioning existence, looking for a purpose. Over all: She writes about being human. Her emotions transformed in this electronic enchanting indie punk. Raw guitars, drum machines, distorted robot vocals, sincere lyrics, creating and transforming ENERGY. 

KIND HUMAN expresses herself as genuine and real as possible. Accepting and taking everyone for who and what they are, as long as they respect themselves and everyone around them. 
She is obsessed with the enchanting fact that we’re all running on the same blue planet, floating in the same universe, breathing in and out the same air. In the western society we detach ourselves almost completely from nature and mother earth. Lost in a materialistic and capitalist society, performing this hypnotizing and exhausting dance around money.  She doesn’t understand how we’re all so connected, and at the same time so detached from each other. In the end we’re all made of the same dust. She’s fighting for us not to get lost in the digital revolution. 

Experience her unique live show and get drifted away in this interdisciplinary trip back to the essence, back to yourself. Back to true connection. 

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