Jungle by Night releases new single 'Cookies'

“It’s okay to let your guard down once in a while.  ‘Accept all’ so we can make sure you can enjoy everything there is to offer. Let us feed you our cookies so you can feed our algorythm.”

For more than ten years, Jungle by Night has been heating up dancefloors with their cross-cutting music at over 600 festivals and stages in 34 countries. The nine-headed instrumental collective released six albums and used the language of their analog instruments to make people dance on rhythms and grooves inspired by krautrock, dance, jazz, and funk. Jungle by Night plays for any crowd with its unique sound: from jazz to pop and from dance to hip hop.   

The corona crisis totally wiped their schedule full of shows clean. Jungle by Night, therefore, released an album with Live Recordings of their previous tour to keep the spirits high. Besides, during this time, the band did not sit still and worked hard to find new ways for creating music from home. In the spring of 2021, Jungle by Night performed several Fieldlab-concerts in preparation for their autumn tour to celebrate their upcoming album.  

The first lead single for their upcoming album is ‘Cookies’. The song is about the endless flow of cookie notifications. Every website you visit, you must accept them in order to receive something back. With every cookie accepted, the big algorithm is one step closer to knowing everything about you. ‘Cookies’ is the funk and upbeat musical translation of being tracked by the internet and is part of the bigger algorithm soon to follow.  

‘Cookies’ is now available on all streaming platforms and will also be included on the vinyl & digital album later this year. Listen to ‘Cookies’ here

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