Isbells released new single

'Apoplexy', featuring Joy Wellboy, is the latest single from Isbells’ new album ‘Basegemiti’, out September 22nd. It's the fourth single after 'Modern Times', 'Sparkle & Shine’ and ‘A Little Bit Longer’.

Apoplexy a powerful song that delves into the profound challenges of navigating physical, mental, and emotional turmoil. Its poignant lyrics vividly depict the overwhelming sensation of being disconnected and engulfed in a slow-motion breakdown within one's mind. The song encapsulates the profound experiences of suffering, confusion, and internal collapse. It portrays the distressing loss of not only oneself but also essential elements such as home, friendships, and employment. Through its impactful lyrics and heartfelt delivery, ‘Apoplexy’ resonates deeply with individuals grappling with mental health issues, while also serving as a poignant anthem for anyone seeking an authentic portrayal of the raw human experience amidst emotional upheaval. The song draws inspiration from cerebral seizures and their far-reaching consequences.

Isbells’ acoustic folk sound has drawn comparisons to the plucking skills of Nick Drake, the harmony vocals of Fleet Foxes and the melancholy of Bon Iver. Their 2009 self-titled debut has been labeled as a classic and their live concerts are among the most sophisticated and subtly intimate sets. In the meantime, Isbells has collected millions of streams on Spotify, with the beautiful 'Dreamer' as the highlight, which is on its way to no less than 80 million streams. With Chantal Acda, Christophe Vandewoude, Gianni Marzo and Gerd Van Mulders Gaëtan Vandewoude gathered a strong group of musicians around him to shape his songs.

Upcoming concerts

10/10/2023 – Het Depot, Leuven
18/10/2023 – Cactus Club, Bruges
25/10/2023 – Handelsbeurs, Ghent
28/10/2023 – Rubenskasteel, Zemst
23/11/2023 – De Casino, Sint-Niklaas
16/12/2023 – Muziekcentrum, Dranouter

Two years ago, Gaëtan Vandewoude drew up a manifesto named ‘Basegemiti’. A checklist with ten statements to test the motivation with which he made music together with his band. During the lockdown Vandewoude continued to write songs in his home studio as before, although this time the new songs expressed a different feeling. The typical melancholy was still there, but where he often sought out his own demons on previous records, this time a regained optimism shimmered through the lyrics. He discovered someone who felt better about himself for the first time in a long time. Someone who had lifted a load from his shoulders and was able to zoom in on the beauty of an ordinary day. Honestly, he was shocked by it. It felt like he had finally found himself after a long time. The numbers were more optimistic. Brighter too. Each song tells its own story, and requires a different approach.

That is why there is now ‘Basegemiti’. The title of this album is composed of the first letter of each statement. The word itself does not exist, but if you google it, a bad Italian translation will reveal basic moaning, a flag that, according to Vandewoude, covers the load completely. Basegemiti will not be a traditional record with three singles that get all the attention. The songs will initially be released separately, so that each has room to breathe and just be. Only later are all these diverse ideas collected in one place, as a kind of best or with only new material. “Right now, the idea of putting out a record feels too restrictive. Every song is equally important to me, so I want to be able to give them all the same amount of attention,” says Vandewoude. “In the past my psyche and my emotions determined in which direction the music would evolve, but this time I am in control.” 

Basegemiti therefore heralds a new beginning, with a new record company, a new management, a new booking agent and a new promotion team in addition to a new sound. This time Vandewoude very consciously stepped out of his comfort zone, without worrying about whether what he had just created was suitable for the group. The framework within which Isbells now works has therefore become considerably broader, and that creates more possibilities. 

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