Hanne Mjøen sings about the ups and downs in a relationship in new single 'Bad For My Health'

"You're bad for my health, but you’re good for my heart”

Today, Hanne Mjøen drops her new single 'Bad For My Health' via SNSD Records. 'Bad For My Health' follows her release 'Fall Apart' from earlier this year and describes the ups and downs of a relationship.

Hanne Mjøen said the following about her song: "Sometimes I think love is bad for me, and in some ways it is, because it isn't always good and we’re not always good for each other. We do toxic things and we have our selfish moments.". Hanne continues, "'You're bad for my health but you’re good for my heart” is my way of describing the ups and downs of a relationship, when you’re too honest with each other, fighting over stuff that don’t really matter, not knowing if you should take a break or break up, but because it feels so good when it's good, you keep trying.".

Hanne Mjøen is an alt/pop artist who creates music that makes you want to dance, with lyrics that make you want to cry. Her intoxicating sound is coated in a dark, raw edge, providing a comforting reminder that it’s ok to be flawed, while her lyrics pull the trigger for an outlet of pent-up emotions.  

Stream 'Bad For My Health' here

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