Emily James releases 'Past Tense' and announces 'Grey' EP

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Emily James returns with ‘Past Tense,’ the latest single from her forthcoming EP, 'Grey', out June 23rd.

‘Past Tense’ is a sensitive chill pop track that intimately explores the push and pull of
trying to leave a relationship that no longer serves you. Over a gentle, mid-tempo electric
guitar line and hypnotic percussion that emulates the inner turmoil; going back and forth on a decision like a cassette tape being rewound and fast-forwarded repeatedly, Emily's vocals
captivate as she grapples with her doubts and fears of leaving what's familiar.

“‘Past Tense’ is about being on the verge of a breakup, in that in-between place where
deep down, your heart knows that it’s over, but your head isn’t ready to accept it just yet,”
Emily explains. “It’s as if your mind keeps rewinding back to all the good parts of the
relationship and wants to hold on to them, but then it will fast forward to where it envisions
a future without that person. It’s the struggle of knowing what you need to do, but not
feeling ready to do it.”

Following lead singles ‘Lovely Enough,’ ‘Happy for Me,’ and ‘For an Evening’, ‘Past
Tense’ is the latest offering from Emily James’ forthcoming EP, 'Grey', out June 23rd via
Nettwerk. In 2022, Emily released her acclaimed Nettwerk debut, ‘Illuminate’. After being
named an Artist to Watch in 2023 by Atwood Magazine, Emily is primed to have a big
year with new music on the horizon.

Listen to Emily James’ new single ‘Past Tense’

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