Delilah Holliday's EP 'Invaluable Vol. 2' out November 3rd

Following her 'Invaluable Vol. 1' EP this July, North London's homegrown DIY icon Delilah Holliday will release 'Invaluable Vol. 2' on November 3rd via One Little Independent Records.

"It immediately draws you in, while the modern production - gritty but sleek - keeps you there... I can’t wait to hear Vol 2." – Brooklyn Vegan 

“Moving entirely at her own pace, she bares part of herself and encourages you to do the same” – Loud & Quiet

“Dreamlike, introspective yet laced with vivid realisation” – Clash Magazine

'Invaluable Vol. 2' is a heady tale of caution, and the search for clarity in creativity outside of the intoxicating noise that surrounds us all. It's about being true to oneself despite what doubts or distractions we may face. It's also about the confidence and support that comes from the acceptance of this. Seven tracks map something of a journey, that can be viewed in the context of a single night out, but recall thematic elements that are universal.

"The first part of the EP is very downtempo. It's got a couple of little uppers in it, but it's sort of introducing you to the quest you're gonna go on. The second part is like the wild ride, and then you start going downhill. And it screeches to a stop when you remember who you are again." - Delilah

Like ‘Vol. 1’, ‘Vol. 2’ was co-written and co-produced with composer Raphael Ninot. Musically the collection ranges from industrial club anthems and delirious beats to atmospherically produced moments of euphoria. Glitchy electronics blend seamlessly with Delilah's art pop and crisp trip-hop rhythms. Delilah’s authenticity is distinct in her delivery and lyrics, which continue to probe class and societal issues as she guides the listener through her realm of realisations. A key theme that follows from ‘Vol. 1’ is that of identity and roots. Growing up on Holloway Road and beginning her creative endeavours with family members continues this sense of community and groundedness.


  1. Hesitate
  2. Liquid Pearl
  3. 1000 Transformations
  4. Drugs Again
  5. Travelled
  6. Long Time Coming
  7. On My Own Wave

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