DC Gore unveils deluxe edition of debut album 'All These Things'

DC Gore, the music industry's rising star, unveils the deluxe edition of his debut album, 'All These Things,' via Domino. The original album garnered critical acclaim for its bright and inventive vision, featuring standout singles like 'California' and 'Nietzsche On The Beach.'

“DC Gore could be Jarvis Cocker’s heir apparent…with the occasional nod to New Order and OMD also in the mix, it’s quite the statement, all told. One to watch.” -  Electronic Sound

“All These Things showcases DC Gore’s bright and inventive vision for something truly unique, and makes for a compelling listen throughout.” - Mystic Sons

“Birthing a major new solo talent whose work will surely continue, to inspire, provoke, and perhaps most importantly, move people for years to come…” - Louder Than War

The deluxe edition promises an enriched musical journey, with original demos and remixes from acclaimed artists such as Raf Rundell and Working Men's Club. The latter's remix of 'Need You Tonight' takes the track into darker, more lustful territory, offering a unique perspective on Gore's work. Acknowledging the transformative process of remixing, Gore reflects on the fascinating dynamic between artist and interpreter.

From the dissolution of South London trio Little Cub to his solo career, Gore's musical evolution has incorporated acoustic elements, adding a textured and tempered dimension to his synth-pop sound. Featuring never-before-heard demos and dancefloor remixes, the deluxe edition offers listeners an immersive experience that delves into the mystery of songwriting and the different interpretations that can emerge.

DC Gore's deluxe edition of 'All These Things' is a must-have for devoted fans and those discovering his music for the first time. As he continues to redefine the boundaries of synth-pop, Gore's work stands proudly in a rich tradition of distinctively British disrupters. This expanded release cements his position as an artist to watch, offering an ingeniously calculated and irresistibly danceable musical journey that transcends the ordinary.

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