Coffin Storm release their debut album 'Arcana Rising'

Overlooking the ancient lands of sensational heavy metal, Norway’s Coffin Storm is the new band consisting of a trio of Kolbotn veterans, with the line-up of Apollyon (Aura Noir/Lamented Souls) and Bestial Tormentor (Infernö/Lamented Souls) completed by Darkthrone’s Fenriz on vocal duties.

Fenriz explains the origins of the band: "Kolbotn is a hilly forest-y place directly south of Oslo, Norway.  When Ole Jørgen and Olav and I grew up there in the 80s, we had easy access to all the metal in the massive amounts of record stores in Oslo. Olav and Ole Jørgen started playing doom metal together in the 90s (Lamented Souls) but in 2020 they teamed up again and making riffs in the slow thrash/doom/classic heavy metal style. When the songs started to take form, Ole Jørgen took his place on the drum throne and soon started to record them. Wanting it to be a 100% Kolbotn project, they asked if I wanted to lay down vocals for it and after a couple of sessions in 2021 and 2022 Coffin Storm was born".

Arcana Rising’ contains six sprawling metallic tracks covering the 45-minute running time and was recorded at a variety of studios in the band’s native Norway, with work originally commencing back to 2021. With production overseen by Apollyon himself, ‘Arcana Rising’ truly channels & encapsulates the spirit of the 80s, with inspiration from such masters of metal as Candlemass, Pentagram, Metallica & early Kreator, with musical nods to early Paradise Lost & Cathedral from the more extreme side of the doom spectrum, as well as including traces of the DNA from Apollyon & Bestial Tormentor’s own prior work together with their cult doom act Lamented Souls, to create a sensational and majestic opus.

Coffin Storm's 'Arcana Rising' is avalable on black vinyl, limited edition orange vinyl, CD and online.
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‘Arcana Rising’ tracklisting

1. Over Frozen Moors

2. Arcana Rising

3. Open the Gallows

4. Eighty-Five And Seven Miles 

5. Ceaseless Abandon
6. Clockwork Cult 

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