CIEL's 'Rather Be Alone': Embracing the shadows of indie rock

Indie-rock trio CIEL, formed in the creative hub of Brighton on the South Coast of England, is set to make waves with their latest release, 'Rather Be Alone,' the second EP of 2023. The band's distinctive sound, influenced by fuzzy indie rock, goth and shoegaze, will take centre stage as they delve into the darker dimensions of their musical identity.

The EP, featuring the darker guitar side of CIEL, represents a significant step forward for the band. Michelle Hindriks, the emotive voice behind the band, shares her excitement for the release, stating, "I'm thrilled to share it. I think it showcases the darker guitar side of CIEL, which is something the three of us are really excited about."

Lyrically, 'Rather Be Alone' explores the complexities of human interactions, touching on themes such as toxic relationships, letting go of preconceived notions of the future and the yearning for genuine communication. Known for her introspective lyrics, Hindriks reveals, "I'm a big overthinker and I always analyse every situation I'm in. This aspect really finds its way into my lyrics and is well reflected on this EP."

The process of recording the EP allowed CIEL to experiment with their sonic palette - incorporating elements of post-punk, shoegaze and grunge - and building on the momentum of their previous singles 'Talk' and 'Shut In My Body', CIEL continues to push boundaries with 'Rather Be Alone'. These tracks serve as a glimpse into the band's evolving sound, setting the stage for the broader exploration presented on the EP.  'Rather Be Alone' promises a sonic journey where lush guitar textures and ethereal melodies intertwine to create a captivating listening experience.

CIEL's journey has been marked by notable achievements, including A-list placements on BBC 6 Music, spot plays on BBC Radio 1 and recognition from influential figures in the music industry. The band's debut UK headline tour in autumn 2022 sold out in major cities, cementing their presence on the indie rock scene.

As CIEL continues to push boundaries, 'Rather Be Alone' is a testimony to their growth as artists. It welcomes listeners to experience the band's evolving sound and studio prowess and join them on this exploration of dark indie rock. 'Rather Be Alone' is not just an EP - it is an invitation to immerse yourself in the heart of their music.

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