CIEL release new single 'So Scared' accompanied by captivating video

Indie-rock trio CIEL release their all new single 'So Scared', a song exploring vulnerability and social connections. The song follows their recent single release 'Somebody' and is once again accompanied by a surrealistic video. 

CIEL formed in Brighton on the South Coast of England, with members hailing from The Netherlands, Spain, and the UK. Drawing inspiration from the unique creative landscapes of their respective home countries, CIEL's music possesses a fresh, dark, and hauntingly beautiful quality. Combining elements of fuzzy indie rock, goth, and shoegaze, the band's broody and gritty sound is elevated by the soft, icy, but emotive melodies of singer Michelle Hindriks.   

After releasing their recent single ‘Somebody’, CIEL now returns with an all new single and accompanying video ‘So Scared’. "So scared is about being scared to be vulnerable and open up yourself towards someone else,” the band shares. “But at the same time it's about actively wanting to change that part of yourself and working hard to be able to be vulnerable, as it's an important part of making valuable connections with others. The song started out with just one cute sounding synth line with the vocal part over it and in the studio we kept adding layers of guitars to create a much bigger sound."

The single is released ahead of some busy months for CIEL, throughout September and October the band will be the support act of Blood Red Shoes' Europe tour. The tour has 4 shows scheduled in the Netherlands which are all sold out!

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