Blood Red Shoes releases studioalbum 'THE STONE TAPES'

Building on the success of their 2022 studio album 'GHOSTS ON TAPE', Blood Red Shoes has released an exhilarating collection of reworked, remixed and reimagined tracks from their album, titled 'THE STONE TAPES'.

Since the band's formation in 2004, Blood Red Shoes has become synonymous with electrifying performances and captivating music. With nearly 1300 live shows across the globe, they've left an indelible mark - from London to Tokyo, New York to Jakarta, Mexico City to Moscow, and Paris to Seoul. Continuously evolving their sound to include elements of electronics, industrial, and experimentation while maintaining their signature male-female dual vocals, the band's ability to reinvent themselves has solidified their influential presence in the alternative music landscape.

In line with the gothic and horror themes of the band's sixth album 'GHOSTS ON TAPE', 'THE STONE TAPES' is a reference to an abstruse 1970s film where the passing of an old resident has been "recorded" into the stone bricks of the house, and then "plays back" by using future visitors as mediums. 'THE STONE TAPES' continues the album's ominous and dark motifs, immersing listeners in an eerie musical journey where the essence of the past plays back through every note.

With nine mesmerizing tracks featuring a blend of remixes, collaborations, and an all-new composition, 'THE STONE TAPES' invites listeners to embark on a chilling auditory journey.

The album features remixes from NYC art-punks Liars, Australian fuzz rockers DZ Deathrays, Esya (Ayse Hassan of Savages), British cosmic rockers Demob Happy, plus collabs from Canada's Softcult and one track, titled 'LONG LOST GHOST' reimagined into an entirely new experience by the band themselves.


  1. COMPLY - Liars Remix
  2. I LOSE WHATEVER I OWN - Demob Happy Remix
  4. MURDER ME - Dz Deathrays Remix
  5. I AM NOT YOU - Esya Renix
  6. DIG A HOLE - Softcult x Blood Red Shoes Version
  7. FOUR TWO SEVEN - James Adrian Brown Remix
  8. GIVE UP - Matt McJunkins Remix
  9. SAY FAREWELL - paperflag Haunted House Remix

Listen to the full album here.

Blood Red Shoes LIVE (BNL):

  • 19 September - Rotown, Rotterdam* (NL) SOLD OUT
  • 20 September - Vera, Groningen* (NL) SOLD OUT
  • 21 September - EKKO, Utrecht* (NL) SOLD OUT
  • 22 September - Bitterzoet, Amsterdam (NL) SOLD OUT
  • 8 October - Cactus Club, Bruges* (BE) SOLD OUT

*plus specials guests CIEL

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