Albert Hammond released his new studio album 'Body of Work'

The best music, the best art, invariably emerges from difficult circumstances. No wonder then that Albert Hammond’s Body of Work is the songwriter’s best album in four decades. No wonder it contains some of his most heartfelt songs since The Air That I Breathe, When I Need You and other evergreen emotional classics from his catalogue. Because Hammond’s life has, in the past few years, turned upside down.

Written during a time of tumultuous change, Body of Work is the moment a master songsmith takes a step back to reflect on the world, “This is the first step I had to take and the album is what I discovered about me and all of us once I started here,” says Albert. “I can feel the discomfort and impatience in it. That’s just the honest feeling when the world changes for you from Oasis to desert, from beauty to chaos… freedom to fences.” From gutsy opener “Don’t Bother Me Babe” through the wistful “Looking Back” and closing with the reflective “Goodbye LA,” Body of Work is an album for the ages, crafted with 50 years of words, experience, and wisdom

Listen to the 'Body of Work' album HERE

Albert Hammond is one of the most prolific, versatile songwriters and performers of his or any generation. His earliest solo hits include “It Never Rains in Southern California” and “The Free Electric Band.” His contributions to popular music (writing and and/or contributing to hit songs by Tina Turner, Whitney Houston, Willie Nelson and Julio Iglesias, Diana Ross, Starship, The Hollies, Joe Cocker, Johnny Cash, Aretha Franklin) cross genres and generations. Albert’s most recent releases include “Legend,” “Legend II,” and “In Symphony,” all celebrations of his storied songbook with new interpretations of his most  emblematic compositions… “The Air That I Breathe,” “One Moment in Time,” “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now,” and “When I Need You” (amongst many others). Body of Work is an all-new, original, and essential addition to this iconic canon.

Music has always been Hammond’s greatest love, so it made sense that he turned to songwriting in times of trouble. “Of course I love my children, my family, but music has never argued with me, never caused me pain. It has given me things I couldn’t find in life itself.”

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