TNGHT share new video for 'Gimme Summn'

Show in TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht on March 21st

TNGHT are back with a new video for “Gimme Summn” directed by Cole Kush. It has been seven years since Hudson Mohawke (Ross Birchard) and Lunice’s (Lunice Fermin Pierre II) prodigious debut which accidentally changed the sound of the pop music caught in its wake. Taken from their long-awaited EP of hard-hitting genre-defying beats, TNGHT “II” is now available via Warp & LuckyMe.

Welcome to “Gimme Summn”. Please choose your player. You selected option 3 - TNGHT, good choice! Now entering game mode, your mission? To get through the life you’ve been dealt, from the cradle to the grave, then repeat that an infinite amount of times. Do you find the very idea disconcerting, terrified by the tragic human condition and all the suffering that comes with it? Or do you see it in a positive light, instead imagine reliving your life with your best friend by your side, reveling in the mundanity and absurdity of it all before gradually ascending through old age and out the other end into an ashen mass of atoms and wonder?

Things might not make sense now, and we promise they wont ever. We can’t tell you what to expect, apart from Julian Assange in centaur-form, wonderous neo-gothic chapels, the complete loss of subjective self-identity? What are you running away from? The chicken of despair? Our own mortality? Green_head_Winamp_guy? What will you remember in life, was reaching 252 points on snake worth it? How are we going to deal with the worlds aging population…whilst you try and figure it out, why not see how TNGHT handle it first.

I’m an absolute fan of Cole’s sharp colours and 3D animation style that give me this sense of uneasiness and confusion. All while keeping me on the edge of my seat with curiosity. That part with the Winamp green head player? I felt that...” - Lunice

“I wanted to see Julian Assange as a centaur” - Hudson Mohawke

TNGHT describe this new record as the most fun they’ve had in the studio. When they started out, there was no precedent for where TNGHT sat with what’s going on in 2019, and ‘II’ does nothing to make category any easier. TNGHT are doing it for themselves.

12 December 2019 - The Dance, NYC - USA (SOLD OUT)
16 March 2020 - Village Underground, London - UK
17 March 2020 - Le Trabendo, Paris - FR
18 March 2020 - Gretchen, Berlin - DE
20 March 2020 - CBE, Cologne - DE
21 March 2020 - TivoliVredenburg - Ronda, Utrecht - NL
22 March 2020 - Orangerie, Brussels - BE

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