TNGHT release new single 'Tums'

Hudson Mohawke and Lunice return as TNGHT with new single “Tums” and announce a surprise show this Saturday at The Catwalk in Downtown LA. 

TNGHT released “II” in November 2019: the bombastic follow up to their critically acclaimed debut. But with anticipated shows lined up at Coachella, Sonar and Lollapalooza -  a pandemic of novel coronavirus cancelled their plans. No one bar a small underplay in San Francisco got to see the group reform. This week, TNGHT return with a riotous new single in the hope this breaks the curse once and for all. 

“Tums was made from that collective feeling of “omg maybe there actually ARE going to be parties again”. That feeling seemed to inspire the first principles of the TNGHT project: Keep it really fun. Dumb. Hard-hitting. Don’t overwork it.” - Hudson Mohawke 

"This one really showcases our two distinct styles and how well they still  work together despite their sonic differences ” - Lunice      

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