TNGHT release new single 'First Body'

New EP 'II' out November 12

And just when we needed em most… they’re back.

They just…released 'Dollaz' ($), the mysterious 'Serpent', a lunar chart that was decrypted by fans in minutes and a dangerous BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix, TNGHT’s crescent moon is appearing once again from behind heavy clouds. It has been seven years since Hudson Mohawke and Lunice’s prodigious debut which accidentally changed the sound of the pop music caught in its wake. The pair of bedroom-producers-cum-super-producers come from Glasgow and Montreal and have aligned once again on a record which aims to chew up and spit out every influence in an exhilarating 7 tracks. ‘TNGHT II’ will be released on 12th November via Warp & LuckyMe.

TNGHT II has the wildness turned up. In this, the second epoch, the pair explore new forms: they’ve collected more equipment, made a couple hits, own bigger speakers, loaded a thousand flutes into FL Studio.

“While it doesn’t sound the same as the first record - the energy is. This could only come from us.” - Lunice

On 'First Body' the guys give us a world first: some bad-bad-not-bunny. With naked midi sax and flute sat butt-naked on top of undeniably boisterous chain swinging tnght drums. Dreamt up after necking cans of La Croix and Irn-Bru back to back, Hudmo and Lunice produced a monster.

TNGHT describe this new record as the most fun they’ve had in the studio. When they started out, there was no precedent for where TNGHT sat with what’s going on in 2019, and ‘II’ does nothing to make category any easier. TNGHT are doing it for themselves.

“I think it's a good indicator if something sounds weird and refreshing to us. It’s got to fuck with us a little bit when we’re listening to it” - Hudmo

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