OSKA shares new video for 'Love You've Lost'

'Love You've Lost' is the new single from upcoming debut EP 'Honeymoon Phase', out January 8, 2021.

On September 11, 2020 – Vienna-based indie pop singer and songwriter OSKA released the title track from her upcoming debut EP Honeymoon Phase, out January 8, 2021 via Nettwerk.  On Honeymoon Phase, OSKA recalls her past and reflects on the various stages of her young life; her songs are slightly dimmed but never completely sinister as her sensitive singer-songwriter pop immediately casts a spell over her listeners.

OSKA: "This song is about family - the harder parts of it. You can actually hear my siblings sing on this song, which is pretty special for me. They also appear in the music video which is a bit of a contrast to the song, as it celebrates family and all the good times, which we were very lucky to have a lot of."

Growing up in a small village in Lower Austria, OSKA moved to Vienna at 18 to study her first love; music. Born into a family of singers and musicians, she discovered her voice at a young age. In Vienna, she started busking in streets and squares of the capital while also studying pop and jazz singing. She has worked tirelessly drafting and crafting her imminent debut, honing her voice to say exactly what she wants it to. After years in the background supporting and featuring for different artists, OSKA released “Distant Universe” earlier this year, and soon after, signed to Nettwerk.

OSKA won the XA Award at the Waves Vienna Showcase festival. This annual award was initiated by Waves Festival in 2017 and is a cooperation between music austria, Austrian Music Export, Radio FM4 and Waves Festival. The XA receives the promise of support from Austrian Music Export, Radio FM4 and Waves Festival for the following year, including integration at partner-festivals and showcases. (like Great Escape, Eurosonic, Primavera and many more).

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