Nina June shares new single 'Rainbow Ashes'

Amsterdam-based singer and songwriter Nina June layers plainspoken emotion over multi-dimensional soundscapes steeped in strings, keys, guitar, and natural sound effects. Out today, Nina shares her the first single 'Rainbow Ashes'.

On the track, Nina's solo vocal gives way to atmospheric production animated by the choir of a real heartbeat, a rain machine, and a swell of stringthat were arranged by celebrated composer, writer, producer and arranger Sally Herbert (Radiohead, Björk, London Grammar, Rex Orange County). 

Nina paints a vivid picture of fleeting bliss on the chorus, "we'll watch the sky light up with rainbow-colored ashes turn to dust."  

'Rainbow Ashes' is about the longing for someone you loved to come back. "You're waiting eternally for someone you love so deeply to come back," Nina explains. "It's the pain of seeing something beautiful vanish in front of your eyes. A love that lasted for a long time and then somehow got broken. You ultimately blame yourself; you didn't make it right forever. It's the hard school of life: to learn that not everything is made for eternity."

Listen to 'Rainbow Ashes' here

Receptive to even the most subtle internal and external stimuli, Nina Juneleans into acute sensitivity as a lyricist and embraces expansive scope as a sonic auteur. Much like fitting puzzle pieces together, the Amsterdam-based singer and songwriter layers plainspoken emotion over multi-dimensional soundscapes steeped in strings, keys, guitar, and natural sound effects. After amassing nearly 20 million streams worldwide with her 2018 independent debut 'Bon Voyage' and her 2019 Nettwerk Records debut EP 'Shadows & Riddles'. 

“I’m a singer, I’m a creator, I’m an optimist, I’m highly sensitive, I’m super emotional, and I’m a person who thinks about life, love, and human relationships a lot,” she exclaims. “I experience everything very intensely, but I also look at situations froma certain distance. My senses function at a super high level. Music is the place where the person and the artist come together.”

She took the first step on her journey when she left the seaside village of Castricum in The Netherlands to pursue music at Rockademy at just 17-years-old. After years of quietly honing her skills, she made waves with her 2018 independent debut, 'Bon Voyage'. Filtering restless wanderlust into lithe anthems of awakening, she captivated listeners with a string of successful singles, including 'We Watched It All Come Down', 'When We Fall' and more. Sold out shows followed in North America and Europe as she received Amsterdam’s prestigious Zilveren Notekraker - an honor in celebration of“Promising New Talent.” During 2019, she found a home at Nettwerk Records and maintained her momentum with the 'Shadows & Riddles' EP. 

In March 2020, she traveled to London to work with producer Duncan Mills (The Vaccines, Jake Bugg, James Murphy) for the first time. Together, they struck what she describes as “an immediate chemistry.” The collaboration resulted in Nina reinventing herself and the writing and recording many songs, of which 'Rainbow Ashes' is the first to be shared.

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