John Moreland set to release his sixth album 'Birds In The Ceiling'

Album opener 'Ugly Faces' out now

Celebrated singer/songwriter John Moreland has announced his forthcoming album 'Birds In The Ceiling', to be released on July 22nd via Bad Omens/Thirty Tigers. 'Birds In The Ceiling' is Moreland’s sixth album and finds the esteemed artist, and producer Matt Pence, building on the ambient sonic experimentation that was introduced on 2020’s critically acclaimed album, 'LP5'. Moreland also expands the scope of his guitar playing, both acoustic and electric, that is prevalent throughout the new album. The album opener 'Ugly Faces' is out now, which perfectly sets the tone for 'Birds In The Ceiling'.

While Moreland’s sound continues to evolve, the foundation for his songs remains built around his profound and pensive lyricism. His warm vocals offer an emotional resonance that simultaneously exudes intensity and restraint making 'Birds In The Ceiling' an intimate listening experience that blurs genre lines. Moreland’s wide ranging musical tastes and influences inform 'Birds In The Ceiling' more than in any of his previous work, with touches of folk, retro-pop, rock, roots and drum-programming.

Lyrically, 'Brids In The Ceiling' almost feels as though Moreland is singing into a mirror, talking to him himself directly and at times in the third person. Album standout 'Generational Dust' looks at the difficulties in maintaining a personal foundation. 'Lion’s Den' addresses disconnection and displacement, while 'Dim Little Light' a challenge is to look beyond our own thoughts into the bigger picture. 'Cheap Idols' calls out the superficial nature of what today’s society holds so high with the chorus, "Cheap idols dressed in expensive garbage / We can’t afford the deal we bargained”. 

Stream 'Ugly Faces' and pre-save 'Birds In The Ceiling' here 

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