Joe Goddard & Hayden Thorpe announce new collaborative single 'Unknown Song'

After a career-long appreciation for each other’s work, “Unknown Song” is the first time Goddard and Thorpe have found themselves musically entwined together, and to glorious effect. Written and recorded in early 2020, “Unknown Song” is an uplifting and euphoric dance track, delivering a sense of hope and positivity to remind on and recall better, simpler times.

The new single is intended as a soundtrack for reminiscing, embracing and awaiting those joyous and energetic dancefloor moments for all.  As Thorpe says, “the lockdown has really made it apparent how music allows us to feel a synchronicity with our fellow beings. In the absence of touch, music is that sensual meeting point.”  Similarly, Goddard notes: “we are in the midst of a crisis but gaining that new appreciation of dancing together is a small positive that I hope to hold onto after all of this.

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