Gus Dapperton shares the video for ‘Coax & Botany’

Debut album Where Polly People Go To Read out now

Today, Gus Dapperton share’s the video for ‘Coax & Botany’,  directed by Jess Faran and taken from his acclaimed debut album Where Polly People Go To Read which was released earlier this year. The visual arrives alongside the announcement of a special collaboration with Depop. Dapperton will be selling some of his most sentimental vintage looks in his Depop shop, with all proceeds going to the Environmental Defense Fund. 'Coax & Bottany' is about Dapperton’s relationship with photographer / videographer Farran and they continue to collaborate creatively on this new visual.

“The idea behind the video is a dream that Jess had the night I sent the Coax & Botany track to her. I thought it only right that she direct the video for it as well and replicate the dream she had. The video is all about true love.”

Watch a string of previous cinematic style videos for the drama-filled 'World Class Cinema', the slow-tempo aquatic love song 'My Favorite Fish' and r&b-tinged 'Fill Me Up Anthem' (also directed by Farran). 

On 'Where Polly People Go To Read', the Warwick, NY singer, songwriter, and vibe maestro invites you to take up residence deep inside of his subconscious as embodied by these ten tracks. 'The album is basically what I see inside of my head, and it’s the dimension you’re entering when you hear it,' he explains. 'It’s very personal and honest to me. There are a few emotional roller coasters. I’ve come to terms with reality and the inconveniences inherent in how I see things. Being able to express myself however I want, regardless of the resulting good or bad, makes me feel content and real.'

He also unpresumptuous-ly inched towards making such a statement since his emergence in 2016. A series of anthems a la 'Prune, You Talk Funny', 'I’m Just Snacking', and 'Moodna, Once With Grace' generated tens of millions of streams and views as he hovered around 1 million monthly listeners on Spotify and dropped a pair of EPs—Yellow and Such [2017] and You Think You’re a Comic! [2018]. Acclaimed by Vogue, The Fader, The New York Times, I-D, Pigeons & Planes, and Nylon and pegged among “10 Artists to Watch in 2019” by High Snobiety, he embarked on a globe-trotting journey that placed him in front of sold out audiences around the world. In the midst of such madness, he pieced together Where Polly People Go To Read back in his parents’ home. At the time, the record reflected the current ups and downs of his personal life.

“It captures the whole last year of my life,” he goes on. “The first four songs are the demise of a relationship and heartbreak. By the time the fifth song starts, it’s experiencing love once more. It ends on this harsh reality. It was happening presently in my life, so each song was written in chronological order. I fell out of an unhealthy relationship and then fell in love again. It was super magical when it was all brand new. However, I eventually embraced the sad truth love is not so easy in general for anyone.”

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