Garrett Kato delivers his sonically striking indie-folk album 'Small Town Rituals'

Official music video for 'With You' out now

Singer, songwriter, and platinum-award winning producer Garrett Kato delivers his new sonically striking indie-folk album, 'Small Town Rituals', today via Nettwerk. 'Small Town Rituals' sees Garrett harnessing an organic approach to the writing process, allowing his emotions to come to the forefront to deliver his most vulnerable piece of work to date. The 9 tracks explore various subconscious narratives that provided Garrett “a chance to look forward and back upon my life and gain new perspectives on things". There’s an overarching theme of “overcoming” throughout, inspired by the uncertainty surrounding Garrett’s life at the time it was recorded. “Growing is natural, but the sudden impacts of the pandemic made it feel a little forced, with everything starting and stopping at any moment. But you can learn to live with almost anything".

Written and self-produced at his home studio, most of the album was mixed on hardware, giving the songs a more immediate and intimate feel. “The distinct tone of a vintage LA2A compressor is littered throughout the record, giving it a real warmth and detail that I previously dreamed about", shares Kato. 'Small Town Rituals' features the previously released singles, the record opener 'Drugstore Houses', co-written with Australian singer-songwriter and label-mate Riley Pearce, 'Telephone', 'Secrets', 'Disappearing Light', and 'Rearview Mirror'.

'Small Town Rituals' spotlights the emotionally dreamy track 'With You' along with an accompanied visually component released today. Garrett shares, “Looking up to others is a natural while growing up. We often we look at these people as if they are superheroes only to find once we are older that they are in fact just as human as us -made up of mistakes and challenges they face of their own. I was once the one looking up and now, I am the one looking down at my little ones who are walking through the darkness and the light with me".

Listen to 'Small Town Rituals' by Garrett Kato here

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