All We Are share Yuksek remix of “Not Your Man”

New album Providence out August 14th

All We Are are pleased to announce full details of their third album, Providence. Set for release on August 14th through Double Six, the announcement comes alongside a glimmering new single “Not Your Man”.

Having previously shared the simmering sensual “L Is For Lose” and the tropical-tinged “Bad Advice” from the album, on “Not Your Man”, amidst pulsating bass (“I think the bass line is the best I’ve ever written,” Guro proclaims) and bouncing synths, the three-piece sing the refrain: “Like a pina colada, you’re not going to waste me”, charming us into their technicolour world of expansive pop.

All We Are describe the track: “‘If ‘Not Your Man’ wasn’t a song, it’d be your holiday romance: sticky, sexy, hot and you’re not going to waste it”.

Moon, who directed the video for “Not Your Man” adds: “We managed to pull off a full on socially isolated lockdown shoot right in the middle of the pandemic. It was a lot of fun but both odd and unique, as there was only one person in the building at a time and because directing via the computer brings its own challenges. You have to have this whole different level of energy to keep everyone’s spirits up, and you run into the issues that become difficult to solve without any crew. All in all a fantastic shoot and I’m chuffed with what we managed to achieve despite the circumstances. All We Are did a great job, as always.”

Additionally, French producer Yuksek has reworked the single into a rhythmic, percussive number, highlighting its playful message.

Providence is All We Are’s most euphoric and propulsive work to date, underpinned with a warmth that runs through everything the Liverpool-based trio do. With Providence, All We Are have created an album celebrating the universal virtues of love, loss, sex, friendship and dance. “The celebration of the positive things was our focal point with this record”, says Rich, “We could never have known what sort of world we’d be releasing this record into but our goal was always to try to bring people joy amongst the sorrow”.

Comprised of Ireland’s Richard O’Flynn (drums), Norway’s Guro Gikling (bass) and Brazil’s Luis Santos (guitar), All We Are have released two albums previously, their self-titled debut in 2015 that explored sublime late-night grooves and the psychedelia, krautrock and post-punk-informed Sunny Hills in 2017. On Providence, the band shapeshift once again.

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