The Dubbeez, a young reggae collective from Amsterdam, proves that good reggae is timeless. This sextet is convincingly rebooting classic roots reggae and club reggae to the year 2017. The band’s step in the spotlights was by winning the International World Reggae contest with the Finals at the Ostrada Reaggae Festival. With the tight rhythm machine formed by the brother and sister Earl on drums and Olivia on bass, the Dubbeez lay a solid foundation for their own, shimmering compositions. Reggae songs with a vintage feel, which takes the best of classic reggae and translates it to here and now. They triumphantly show that reggae still has universal potential.

The band has recorded their debut album in the famous Tuff Gong and Anchor Studios in Kingston - Jamaica - with Sam Clayton and Stephen Stewart. Additional recordings took place at the Earth Works Studio in Amsterdam, by Ben King. The release for the debut album is scheduled for early 2018, and the first single Feelings was premiered via leading reggae portal Reggae Ville.

  • Chris Boog
  • Tom Willinck
  • An Lesneuck
    Managing Director
  • Casper Janse
    Financial / Royalty Manager
  • Tomas Luyke
    Head of Digital
  • Michiel Boesten
    Product & Label Manager
  • Sander Stijnen
    Senior Product & Label Manager
  • Judith Goukenleuque
    Product & Label Manager
  • Gerard Esenkbrink
    Product & Label Manager
  • Jens Van den Wyngaert
    Product & Label Manager
  • Job Derksen
    Production & Artwork Manager
  • Jelle Stavasius
    Product Manager
  • Freek Stoltenborgh
    Product & Label Manager
  • Kimberley Haesendonck
    Product Manager
  • Arlen Uiterwijk
    Administration and Royalty Manager
  • Joris Regterschot
    Radio And Television Promotor