Nina Kinerts new album Romantic is a manifesto of what her songwriting, and music in general, has meant to her. The album’s theme is based on romanticism, in several aspects. Songs about true love and mysticism, sensibility over sense, soul over intellect, nature over God, nostalgia and 19th-century poetry like Baudelaire and Shelley (Nina even named her daughter after one of them. Not Baudelaire).

”The songwriting was majorly triggered by two factors. Having a baby and going to New Zealand. I visited a place of my dreams – the beach from Jane Campions movie The Piano. I was 10 when I saw that film, and I desperately wanted to be just any of the characters. I was so happy someone once told me I looked like Anna Paquin who played Holly Hunters daughter, haha. I learned how to play Michael Nymans classic main theme to be able to actually feel it physically. Coming to New Zealand made me feel not only like a part of that film, but as a part of nature -wild and free as it can be when we let it.”

This process and journey in her heart and mind took Nina back to the absolute core of her artistry and the romantic theme came naturally. She changed her name back to Nina Kinert, from the swift and sublime moniker Nina K she used for On Ice (2015) and several collaborations around that time. She also stopped being afraid of being labeled a “singer/songwriter” and started writing all songs on her broken piano (avoiding middle C).

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