Four years after their widely acclaimed debut album 'A Clear Running Stream', Ghent's Little Dots finally appear again in the musical firmament.

In the meantime, a few things have changed: the original trio, which could grow into an octet once in a lifetime, is on the new album reduced to a duo. Moreover, the baroque, orchestral sound of the first album has been replaced by a sound that is considerably more minimalistic and electronic.

Singer Sophia Ammann and multi-instrumentalist-producer Pablo Casella, still swear by real songs, but during the production process they have often provided their songs, with the help of Frederik Segers, with a repetitive groove or mantra-like atmosphere. On his new album, the company resolutely opts for a 'less is more' approach, although it speaks rather of an organic development than of a conscious choice.

"This time we have allowed ourselves some more room to move and let our intuition speak", says Little Dots. That explains the playful, spontaneous nature of our new material." There is no question of a drastic style break. The introspective songs on 'Do You Know How We Got Here' are once again pervaded by melancholy and the company still swears by being small and intimistic.

As the group name Little Dots already indicates, Ammann and Casella realize all too well that we are not more than tiny dots in the universe. The whole album is dominated by the Big Questions of Life: Where do we come from? Why are we here? Where are we going? "We write honest texts that tell us who we are and what keeps us busy," says Sophia Ammann. "We realize that not everything can be named or understood. But that does not in any way prevent us from embracing life."

It comes down to freeing yourself from your fears and limitations," says Pablo Casella. "Only those who have peace with themselves can continue to develop. Of course we do not know in advance what life has in store for us, but sometimes the journey is more important than the destination. That is perhaps the main theme of 'Do You Know How We Got Here': Take care not to stagnate."

'Do You Know How We Got Here' is a beautiful pop record on which the silences are as significant as the notes played, and on which the words suggest more than they seem to say at the first hearing. Reasons enough to immerse yourself in the universe of Little Dots for a long time.

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