Truth or deception? Mariusz Duda's 'AFR AI D' unveils the enigmatic soundscape of AI-infused music

Enter the captivating world of Mariusz Duda, the mastermind behind renowned progressive band Riverside, as he unleashes his latest solo masterpiece on the world. Prepare yourself for the mesmerising sounds of his fourth solo album 'AFR AI D', recently released on Kscope.

Mariusz Duda has always had a deep fascination with storytelling, weaving intricate narratives through his music. While his previous album, the 'Lockdown Trilogy', offered a snapshot of life during the pandemic, this time he delves into the disruptive realm of artificial intelligence. With 'AFR AI D', Duda explores the ever-increasing commodification of AI and its unsettling entrance into the mainstream.

Inspired by the emergence of ChatGPT and the proliferation of deep fakes, Duda fearlessly embarks on a musical and conceptual exploration of these cutting-edge phenomena. The album serves as a platform for his forward-thinking theories, inviting listeners to consider the implications of AI's integration into our lives.

"I'm happy I can continue this instrumental electronic music journey," says Duda. "I love these evocative sounds. Contrary to what the title of the album suggests, I am not afraid of new technologies. I think AI is just another tool which, over time, we will learn to use in a better way, and which will speed up work in many areas. In spite of a slight subconscious fear of the unknown, I am ready to embrace the future!"

The album's opening track, 'Taming Nightmares', sets a haunting tone and serves as a musical signpost for this new era of machine learning. It segues seamlessly into 'Fake Me Deep, Murf', a nod to the interstellar realm, and later transitions into the TRON-like soundscape of 'Mid Journey To Freedom'. 

From the pulsating beats of 'Bots' Party' we are transported to the emotive arpeggios of 'I Love To Chat With You', immersing ourselves in the mind of Theodore Twombly as he falls in love with an operating system. The album closes with the chilling introspection of 'Embracing The Unknown', leaving us pondering the blurred lines between truth and deception.

In a world where truth is often camouflaged by deception the electronic heartbeat of ‘AFR AI D’ can never lie. Or can it?

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