Tirzah releases new promising album, trip9love...???

trip9love...??? is the third album from Tirzah, produced by long-time musical collaborator Mica Levi. It is out today to stream in full with a physical release set for November 17.
Spike Lynch-Koch

The studio album trip9love...??? was written and recorded at both their homes and various corners of South East London and Kent. After several recording sessions over roughly a year, the music ultimately came into a sound that they wanted to pursue. The tracks were built using assorted piano loops on top of a beat, distortion added and finished off with romantic vocal toplines. The words to the songs centre on themes of love, both real and imagined. The world the record finds space in is a lazy club fantasy zone.

The record's instrumentals flow seamlessly, creating a sense of unity as if it were one song. The album feels like a musical diary entry, capturing a moment or a fascination with one sound that they felt was important to go with. The nature of trip9love...???'s release mirrors exactly how it was made.


  1. F22
  2. Promises
  3. u all the time
  4. their Love
  5. No Limit
  6. today
  7. Stars
  8. he made
  9. 2 D I C U V
  10. 6 Phrazes
  11. nightmare

Listen to the full album here.

Upcoming live dates (BNL):

  • Wednesday 20th September - OT301, Amsterdam

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